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1) What is network buy?

Network buy, also referred as programmatic direct, is the use of technology to automate and optimize the media buying process. Instead of ordering your online inventory through phone calls or emails, advertisers purchase inventory directly using our iLeague Network Platform.

2) How do I join iLeague Network?

You may click here to leave your contact info. Our team will contact you shortly and register an account for you.

3) How do I set up ad channel?

It is easy. Just select your ad format in our system and click “generate”. Place the ad code on your site. Then it is done.

4) What are your traffic and website requirements?

We accept all sites regardless of the traffic volume except sites containing adult, violent, illegal contents.

5) Can I cancel the publisher account?

Yes. You can request it in our system.

6) Will my site data and ad zone data be disclosed?

iLeague Network will not disclose, share or sell any data collected to any third party. Your data is safe with us.

7) Can I join iLeague Network if I am already using other advertising network’s service?

Of course. We are happy to be one of your advertising source and we are confident that iLeague Network will be your chief advertising network.


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