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iLeague for Publishers

We understand that publishers need resources to identify and leverage the best advertising opportunities. They want access to powerful technologies that help enhance revenues. iLeague provides a supply-side platform (SSPs) to manage advertising yield, dynamically optimized inventory allocation to help them sell display, video and mobile ads so as to maximize their advertising income.

Benefits to Publishers:

Maximize Revenue

Maximize revenue by utilizing premium and remnant inventory. We sell your site's inventory based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPE (Cost Per Engagement) and CPC (Cost Per Click), ensuring revenue for every impression served.

Optimize Inventory Performance

Our platform monitors every ad campaign and optimizes the performance to deliver the best possible results. For publishers, this translates into optimum CPM rates and maximizing the profitability of your inventory.

Visually Engaging Ad Formats

Our unique and creative ad formats help to prompt web users to engage with/ click on ads on your site more efficiently and effectively.

Superior Technology

We provide you with access to our dashboard which allows you to do the following:

  • Ability to manage inventory – includes generating ad scripts, uploading and rotating alternate ads
  • Option of choosing advertisers – the 'manage campaign' page allows you to reject what they do not wish to run
  • Track performance – through the detailed reports made available, publishers get an insight into the results of an ad campaign


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