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We have a very strong Publisher network and it is still growing rapidly.  Please contact us for more information.

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Why Us?

Gain Access to All Quality Buyers

Through iLeague Network, you can directly sell your online inventory with an easy access to quality advertisers. Our superior technology connects the publishers and engage with the top brands and agencies in the world.
Maximize your yield

iLeague Network maximizes your revenue on premium ad format and support a large variety of ad formats, from rich media, image, video to other special ads. Our algorithm will optimize and select the most profitable ads and enable you to generate as much revenue as possible from your online inventory.
Alternate Ad serving

iLeague Network standby filler can be used to fill inventory and provides flexibility to serve house ads or even third party ads. We also allow multiple standby filler levels and thus, allow you to monetize every single impression and prevent blank ads. Every impression counts.
Your stat, your control

CTR, impression, cost per click etc.… iLeague Network provides various and useful key metrics which allow you to harness your data and through integrated reports, you can easily compare how your online inventory performs and identify price trends. Data at your fingertips. Let the number speaks for the inventory performance.
Instant and easy

Easy to register an account and set up. Simply put one tag in your online platform, then you will start receiving revenue and providing premium ad experience to your audience. Small effort, high return.
Fair and Transparency

iLeague Network is committed to provide an end-to-end transparent and safe environment to publishers. Within iLeague framework, it allows you to know exactly how your ad zones perform and how every dollar is gained.

One-stop Solution and Services

Premium Buy


–Bundles top publishers together with different combination;

–Allows advertiser to launch a campaign at one place but reaching the world easily;

–Forms a League and we increase our bargaining power;

–Our dedicated sales team provides one-stop solution from scratch, including advertising strategy, creative, production, media orders and data analysis according to individual client needs. This is how we offer a best ad platform for advertisers.

Network Buy

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.26.46 AM

iLeague Network is an online advertising network which provides state-of-the-art programmatic platform for publishers.

Allow publishers to sell their inventory online;

Allow advertisers to select placement freely, openly and fairly;

Targets web and mobile traffic;

Provides an environment which is Brand-Safe, Around-The-Globe & 24/7/365 monetizing publisher’s every opportunity.


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